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Among the finest birthday presents I ever acquired was a subscription to numerous males health magazines. Chlorinated hydrocarbon pollution coming into our bodies from the air, water and meals deplete our antioxidants and lots of other orthomolecules and thereby improve the risks of most cancers, nerve harm, memory loss, and liver or kidney magazine

A six-year Harvard Medical School research of healthy males found that consuming tomatoes, tomato sauce or pizza greater than twice a week, as opposed to by no means, was related to a lowered risk of prostate cancer of 21 to 34 percent, relying on the magazine

The human body is unable to manufacture lutein, however, so the physique should depend on the consumption of lutein-wealthy meals or lutein dietary supplements to replenish lutein levels and counteract oxidative injury from gentle in addition to the effects of getting magazine

Antioxidant exercise of grape seed extracts One other study at the College of Scranton has demonstrated the superior antioxidant exercise of grape seed extracts (GSEs) overwine, grape juice, vitamin C and vitamin E. Commercial merchandise like MegaNatural Gold had been used for each the in vitro and in vivo studies.

A research within the British scientific journal, The Lancet, showed that threat of coronary heart illness was 50 percent decrease in populations that consumed excessive quantities of flavonoids (no less than 30 mg a day) than teams that took in low quantities of these antioxidants.