How To Sleep 7 To 8 Hours A Day Affects Our Bodies?

Children born to mothers like to dance tend to prefer to play musical instruments

Reporting from Healthline, a recent scientific study shows that lack of sleep can cause significant changes in the body. The reason, lack of sleep can increase serious health risks, including diabetes, heart disease, obesity, sleep apnea, until early death.


Length of sleep seven to eight hours is actually recommended only for adults, including elderly. Meanwhile, people with younger age such as children and adolescents have longer hours of sleep than adults. Here are recommended sleep durations according to age category:


Baby or toddler: 16-18 hours


Preschooler: 11-12 hours


Primary school children: 10 hours


Teenagers: 9-10 hours


Adults and the elderly: 7-8 hours


The list of benefits of sleep is enough for health


Sleep is included in activities that have a myriad of benefits. When we sleep, the brain …

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